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HoneybeeDVD_Disc2Although few industrial videos have been undertaken since my wife and I moved to the Philippines in September, 2001, Okara Video does, on occasion, take on important or exceptional projects such as those displayed in these pages. An earlier production on Philippine Nurse Recruitment can found by clicking here or on its link, below left.

Aside from the feature-length documentaries (60-minutes or longer) that I continue to work on, such as Headhunting Williams Jones, the most recent work is called Natural Living through the World of the Honeybee. Commissioned by Ilog Maria Honeybee Farms, The Ilog Maria Story is a 18-minute DVD that is basically an educational video designed as an introduction to the world of honeybees. Aimed at young audiences visiting the newly-constructed Museum of the Honeybee (the only such institution in Asia), the video is shown inside the open-air structure where there are also live honeybee hives on display that are based on ancient and contemporary models.

a_HoneybeeMuseumSmThe Museum was erected by Violaine and Joel Magsaysay in order to convey the importance of natural living through the maintenance of a healthy environment upon which the honeybees depend for their production of honey. The Museum offers guided tours by prior arrangement. E-mail or call 63-46-865-0018  Of course, numerous honey products are sold in the farmís store.

JoelMagsaysayJoel Magsaysay passed away June 22, 2016 after a series of six strokes. Born June 8, 1955, he and his wife, Violaine, raised four beautiful children over these years. I was honored to be able to make an 18-minute video about the world of honeybees under Joelís direction, and which is shown within their Museo of the Honeybee, the only such institution in Asia.

A drop out from the corporate world, he and his wife embarked on the founding of the Ilog Maria Honeybee Farms in Silang, Cavite. A gifted man who was a thinker, innovator, ecologist and builder, Joel would engage the visitor over expresso coffee in heavy discussions on virtually any topic. I will miss him dearly. Brother, rest in peace.

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