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Review by Prof. Michael Gonzalez: Headhunting William Jones. Producer, writer, director, videographer, editor: Collis H. Davis, Jr. Assoc. producer, researcher and translator, Violeta P. Hughes (2016) The editor of Positively Filipino writes: The beginnings of Filipino American history can be traced back to the Philippines in the late 1800s with the US colonization of the archipelago and the subsequent Filipino American War. During those tense early years, a little-known but anthropologically significant tragedy occurred. Filmmaker Collis Davis created a meticulously researched documentary called Headhunting William Jones, which our contributor Michael Gonzalez describes as a "whodunnit" in "An Ilongot Murder Mystery", his review of the film that made waves in this year's Cinemalaya film festival in Manila. Ilongot warriors murdered well-liked anthropologist William Jones in 1909. Headhunting William Jones tries to find out why.

NOTE: The filmmaker has written a lengthy response to the Gonzalez review.Until recently it was published in the Comments section immediately below the review, but no longer. Now it can be found here at this link: DavisReplytoGonzalezReviewVer2.pdf

Inspired by the video documentary, Headhunting William Jones, Ms. Sylvia Mayuga has written a commentary that was published recently in the Philippine Daily Inquirer.


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